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FutbolConnect It’s a new social network developed to bring together the entire futbol (soccer) community, players (male and female), coaches, fans, talent seekers, etc. in one place. Through FutbolConnect you can link yourself in real time to the world of futbol (soccer), showcase your talent and connect with people, locally and internationally, who share the same passion.

FutbolConnect’s purpose is to bring together the futbol (soccer) community worldwide through one social network offering all the necessary tools to display your talent, capitalize on your style and abilities to the right people, as well as, educate yourself  in all the aspects of futbol (soccer) to excel in and promote your talent.


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We are reinventing the way futbol (soccer) connects all information instantly, the way talent is exposed to the world, building relationships and using technology to eliminate existing barriers.

Follow and connect with the teams and players that inspire you. Customize your preferences and receive updates and statistics in real time, as well as, receiving news of featured games of the day.

Create a personalized profile with your information, multimedia, preferences, tastes and make them known to the world.

Make real connections with people and institutions that will help you achieve your goals.

Customize your preferences, receive real-time news and player updates.

Organize teams where you play, leagues or tournaments in a matter of minutes Our tournaments manager will give you results in current time. (Available in July 2018)

FutbolConnect gives you the opportunity to Dream it, Share it And Live it!

Join a generation of footballers looking to progress and connect with people who share the same passion.